ASIOACG/7 & INSPIRE/3 at Mumbai, India

Combined Third Meeting of the
Arabian Sea/Indian Ocean ATS Coordination Group (ASIOACG/7)
Indian Ocean Strategic Partnership to Reduce Emissions (INSPIRE/3)
Mumbai, India, 11th December – 14thDecember 2012
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Arabian Sea/Indian Ocean ATS Coordination Group (ASIOACG/7)
Agenda Item 1:  Adoption of Agenda. 
Agenda Item 2:  Update from ANS Providers, Airspace Users and other industry organizations
Agenda Item 3:  ATM issues - including: Reduced Horizontal separation Air Traffic Flow Management
Agenda Item 4:  Coordination issues – including: AIDC, Update on Back Coordination Review of LOAs between different ANSPs SAR LOAs between different states.
Agenda Item 5:  Communication/Navigation/Surveillance issues – including: Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Data link Services , FIT/CRA , GAGAN


As per the resolution of ASIOACG6 and INSPIRE2 meetings at Cape Town, SA, and approval of AAI CHQ the combined seventh meeting of Arabian Sea Indian Ocean ATS Coordination Group and second meeting of Indian Ocean Strategic Partnership to Reduce Emissions are being held at Mumbai from 11th Dec to 14th Dec 2012.

The event was successfully planned as below:

1) Venue: The Concorde II Hall of Hotel Ramada Plaza Palm Grove, Juhu, Mumbai.

2) Meeting Schedule: The ASIOACG7 will be held on 11th and 12th December 2012 and the INSPIRE 2 will be held on 13th and 14th December 2012.

3) Registrations: The delegates from following countries will participate in the meetings Sultanate of Oman, Dubai, Australia, Maldives, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Kenya have already registered.

4) Participants from: Emirates Airline Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Virgin Australia, QANTAS Airways, Singapore Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines will participate.

5) IATA will also participate in the proceedings of the meetings to represent all international airlines.



The ASIOACG7INSPIRE meetings were fairly successful in discussing the agenda set for the meetings, completing action items for the meetings and charting out the program for 2013. The meetings concluded in a positive, cheerful and cooperative manner, a collaborative culture that has come to symbolize ASIOACG and INSPIRE. ASIOACG and INSPIRE Chairmen thanked the participants and organizers for their support and hard work and expressed hope for more success of the groups in future.

Indian Ocean Strategic Partnership to Reduce Emissions (INSPIRE/3)
Agenda Item 6:   Review of UPR Trials and follow-up actions
Agenda Item 7:   Review of INSPIRE Strategic Plan
Agenda Item 8:   Report from ANSPs on initiatives listed in the Strategic Plan
Agenda Item 9:   Annual Report 2012 Agenda Item 10 Work programs for 2013
Agenda Item 11: Appointment of INSPIRE Chairman for 2013
Agenda Item 12: Summary of outcomes to BOBASIO, SAIOACG & Other Meetings affecting APAC/MID East/AFI Regions (e.g. meetings of CANSO, ICAO, IATA etc)
Agenda Item 13:  Review and Update Capacity Enhancement Table
Agenda Item 14: Review and Update List of Open Action Items
Agenda Item 15:  Any other business including meetings of INSPIRE/4 and ASIOACG/8 inclusion of other ANSPs into INSPIRE


History of the meeting:

The combined ASIOACG 7 – INSPIRE 3 meetings were hosted by Airports Authority of India at Mumbai on 11th – 14th December, 2012.

The purpose of the meeting was to review the work undertaken by ASIOACG and INSPIRE Groups during 2012, discuss issues presented to the meeting by members under various agenda items and also to chart out a work program for INSPIRE and finalise action items for ASIOACG. The previous combined meeting of ASIOACG and INSPIRE was held at Cape Town in November/December 2011 followed by a working group meeting in Dubai during May 2012.

The meeting was attended by 50 participants from ASECNA – Madagascar and Senegal, Australia, India, Kenya, Maldives, Mauritius, Sultanate of  Oman, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates ( General Civil Aviation Authority and Dubai Air Navigation Services both), IATA and member airlines—Emirates Airline , Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Virgin Australia, Qantas, Ethiopian Airlines, Singapore Airlines. The representatives of Air India, Indigo airlines and Jet Airways also participated in the meetings.  Apologies were received from South Africa and Reunion French and Cathay Pacific Airlines.

Mr Abdullah Nasser Al-Harthy, Senior Air Traffic Controller, Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) Sultanate of Oman continued as the Chairman of ASIOACG. Mr. M C Dangi chaired the proceedings of INSPIRE. Mr A B Joshi (Airports Authority of India) acted as the Secretary to the meetings.

Inaugural session was held on 11th December 2012. Shri V Somasundaram, Member (Air Navigation Services), Airports Authority of India, Shri N Ganesh, Executive Director, (Air Space Management) and Shri Anil Kumar Sharma, Regional Executive Director, Western Region, Airports Authority of India were the special invitees to the inaugural session. 

List of Working Papers & Information Papers
W/P 1: Provisional Agenda Download
W/P 2: The implementation of 50 Nm RHS in Arabian Sea Airspace Download
W/P 3: SATCOM Services in Mumbai FIR and their potential for supporting UPR flights. Download
W/P 4: AIDC Trial operations in India Download
W/P 5: Development of UPR Zone: Mid Term Plan (MCT_BOM)  Download
W/P 6: Prioritizing Future Actions to Reduce Constraints Download
W/P 7: UPR OPS Trials: Post-Trial analysis and Next Actions Download
W/P 8: Exploring the potential for level constraints to be de-conflicted by the use of DARP Techniques. Download
W/P 9: Operational Trials of Continuous Descent Operations in Mumbai TMA.  Download
W/P 10: Development of UPR Zone: Mid Term Plan Mozambique, Malaysia, Indonesia Download
W/P 11: Seamless ATM in Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. Download
              Attachment A
              Attachment B
W/P 12: FLAS Cancelation in Mumbai Airspace. Download
W/P 13: Reduced Horizontal Separation. Download
W/P 14: Progression of effective AIDC. Download
W/P 15: AUSOTS flex track evolution. Download
W/P 16: UPR Operational Trials within Chennai FIR. Download
W/P 17: Sri Lanka’s proactive offer towards success of Arabian sea Indian ocean UPR geographic zone proposed by INSPIRE. Download
I/P 1: Order of Business Download
I/P 2:  List of Working Papers & Information Papers Download
I/P 3:  Departure Clearance through Data Link Download
I/P 4:  Update from Maldives ANSP Download
I/P 5:  Operating crew comments on the UPR operations trial in Indian Ocean Download
I/P 6:  Strategy to Reduce the Requirement for Low Level Holding Download
I/P 7:  UPR OPS Trials progress and Environmental benefits reporting Download
I/P 8:  Airspace Management. Download
I/P 9:  Dynamic Departure Slot Manager and TSAT Generator at Mumbai Airport. Download
I/P 10: Australian UPR gates and continental connector routes. Download
I/P 11: Invitation to Angkasa Pura II to join ASIOACG & INSPIRE. Download
I/P 12: Update from Australian ANS provider. Download
I/P 13: Proposed new waypoints on the YMMM/WIII Boundary. Download
I/P 14: Airservices Initiatives from the INSPIRE work program. Download
I/P 15: Reintroduction of SABEK waypoint. Download
I/P 16: Network operations and Regional ATFM for Seamless ATM across regions –India’s Views. Download
I/P 17: 2 Engine Aircraft Transcontinental Australia AUSOTS Download
I/P 18: Update from Department of Civil Aviation Mauritius Download
I/P 19: ADS-CPDLC in Antananarivo FIR Download
I/P 20: Developments in Seychelles FIR Download