A-CDM- Airport Collaborative Decision Making

Airport CDM (A-CDM) is about partners (airport operators, aircraft operators/ground handlers, ATC and the Network Operations) working together more efficiently and transparently in the way they work and share data. Efficiency of the Air Transport System is highly dependent on traffic predictability. The Airport CDM project aims to improve the overall efficiency of operations at an airport, with a particular focus on the aircraft turn-round and pre-departure sequencing process. One of the main outputs of the CDM process will be more accurate Target Take Off Times which can be used to improve en route and sector planning. This is being achieved through implementation of a full set of Departure Planning Information messages (DPIs) sent to Network Operations. The advantages for the network will start to multiply as more and more airports implement A-CDM.
Possible benifits of A-CDM:

  •  Safety
  •  Cost efficiency
  •  Reduction of delay through improved airport operations and optimal en-r route
  •  Capacity
  •  Environmental impact of aviation and fuel burn
  •  Predictability
  •  On-time performance
  •  Reduce ground movement costs
  •  Use of ground handling resources
  •  Use of stands, gates and terminals
  •  Use of the airport infrastructure and reduce congestion
  •  Flexible pre-departure planning
  •  Reduce apron and taxiway congestion

Common terms associated with A-CDM:
SOBT : Scheduled Off-Block Time
EOBT : Estimated Off-Block Time
TOBT : Target Off-Block Time
AOBT : Actual Off-Block Time
TSAT : Target Start Up Approval Time
TTOT : Target Take Off Time
ATOT : Actual Take Off Time
ATTT : Actual Turn round Time
ELDT : Estimated landing Time
EXIT : Estimated Taxi-In Time
EIBT : Estimated In-Block Time
MTTT : Minimum Turn-round Time
EXOT : Estimated Taxi-Out Time
TOBT + EXOT + Constraints = TTOT
TTOT - VTT(Variable Taxi Time)= TSAT

VTT is depend on the parking bay group of the aircraft.