Combined ASIOACG Working Group and INSPIRE Meeting, 2013

Emirates Airline Group Headquarters, Dubai, UAE, 29th & 30th May 2013

As decided in the combined meetings of INSPIRE/3 and ASIOACG/7 (Mumbai, India11th-14th December 2012), a combined ASIOACG/INSPIRE Working Group meeting will be held on 29th and 30th May 2013.


Agenda Item 1:     Adoption of Agenda
Agenda Item 2:     Action items from ASIOACG/7. 

  • AIDC trials
  • FLAS cancelation in Mumbai FIR
  • Reduced horizontal separation
  • ASIOACG Terms of reference              

Agenda Item 3:     UPR trials and establishment of ASIO UPR Zone

  • Review and updates on UPR trials
  • Draft AIP supplement notifying ASIO UPR Zone
  • Safety Assessments conducted by ANSPs
  • Contingency plan
  • Probable date of establishment of ASIO UPR  Zone

Agenda Item 4:     Seamless ATM  strategy review and Update after the discussion in ASIOACG.                                          

  • Review capacity enhancement table
  • Update regional condition and future plan
  • Development strategy and update strategy based on ASBU concept.                                                     

Agenda Item 5:     INSPIRE programme:

  •   Proposed activity for future flights
  •   Invitation to new airlines and ANSPs
  •    Review Strategic plan
  •    Review annual report.

Agenda Item 6:     AOB